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As you can guess from the name, Calabrian slope is a typical calabrian salami, famous for its spicy flavor and its oval shaped and flattened.
If you are passionate about spicy sausages, the plan is the one for you. Very versatile in the kitchen, it lends itself to many types of preparation: from starters to seconds, enriches every dish giving it a flavor that can not help but remember the warm sun of southern Italy. Even in pizza makes an excellent figure.
It is prepared by macerating pepper meat. Then it is stuffed into a strictly natural gut and aged for at least four months.
You can find it on our site in 1.5 kg pieces.


500 gr Paccheri pasta
810 gr Extra virgin olive oil
3 Tropea (red) onions
4 slices of Spianata Calabra (1 cm / 0.3 in), subsequently diced
8 Peeled tomatoes
80 gr Tomato paste
Fresh basil or parsley
85 gr Sheep's ricotta

Boil the paccheri al dente. Meanwhile, mince the basil (or parsley) and chop the onions. Melt the ricotta with a small amount of hot water and add pepper as required. In a frying pan heat the oil and sweat the chopped onions (keeping the heat low to avoid burning). Add the peeled tomatoes (crushing them with a fork), the spianata calabra and the tomato paste. Last, mix the crushed parsley in.
Add the drained pasta, stir and serve.

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