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Speck is a kind of smoked ham that South Tyrolean peasants could eat for a long time after the time of the year dedicated to its preparation, which, traditionally is around Christmas. Not a lot is known around its origins but traces of its use date back to 1200. Its names comes from “spec”, the german word for “thick” or “fat”.

What makes speck so unique is the fact that it’s produced according to a father-to-son transmitted process. The speck consortium refuses the speck label to any product that deviates from it.

South Tyrolean speck employs two different curing methods: the Mediterranean method, which involves its curing in the open air, and the northern one, which instead uses smoking to facilitate its preservation. These joint methods confer the speck its sublime taste, which is why it’s today the main ingredient at parties and banquets in South Tyrol.





1 Kohlrabi
100 gr sliced Speck
50 gr Grana Padano grated cheese
Extra virgin olive oil

Peel the kohlrabi and cut it into thin slices using a mandoline; spread the slices on a plate, cover with the slices of speck and the Grana Padano. Finally dress with salt, pepper and olive oil. Optionally add a few drops of balsamic vinegar.

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