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If you go to Veneto (where we are home) and you want to eat something typical, then Sopressa DOP is what it is for you.
Warning, Sopressa, not soppressa! The Sopressa is a sausage typical of Venetian lands. The suppressed ones, however, are sacked mostly in the south of our peninsula. Tendentially the suppressed are softer than the Sopressa DOP.
The Sopressa looks like a salami that can weigh up to three kilos. A remarkable consistency! It should be kept in mind that the best Sopresses are the very big ones, with a diameter of 12 cm too! This greatness allows them to develop that particular taste so much loved by the Italians.
The Sopressa DOP is produced by working the most delicious pork parts: cup, thigh, shoulder, bacon, loin, throat. These are milled and compacted, adding spices and separating the meat from fat. In this way, the Sopressa will remain soft even with a prolonged aging.
Once sawn and tied, the Sopressa is seasoned for a period ranging from two months to two years.
To understand if the suppressed you are in front of is the true Sopressa DOP, just make a case for the color of the meat once cut: if it is of a beautiful dark pink, without distinction between the meat and the fat, then you can rest.
Here are two tips to enjoy it best:
1. The slices must be thick at least half a centimeter. This ensures that the slice you eat remains intact, without breaking through your fingers.
Step on simple recipes to eat. With bread or breadsticks, Sopressa DOP gives the best of itself.
If you want to eat something more substantial here, here is a simple recipe to enjoy this fantastic dish: Sopressa and radicchio di Treviso.
A recipe that brings together two fantastic Venetian ingredients, creating a fabulous blend!
Sopressa (100 gr). In this case, you can also cut it into thin slices;
Extra virgin olive oil
Red radish (a cut, cut into strips)
Homemade bread (8 slices)
Salt and Pepper To Taste.
Chop the shallot and let it brown in a pan with two or three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Add the radish and cook for 4 or 5 minutes. To help you cook, you can also wet the mixture with a little hot or, even better, white broth. Meanwhile, add salt and pepper. Once the cooking has finished, turn off the fire and allow the preparation to cool.
Meanwhile, roast the slices of bread.
Distribute the roasted chicory on toasted slices and finish your work with the thin slices of Sopressa placed on your croutons as a blanket.
And here is the perfect system for you to enjoy our fantastic Sopressa!
Enjoy your meal!

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