Grana Padano is an Italian DOP hard and cooked cheese with slow maturation.

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Grana Padano is an Italian DOP hard and cooked cheese with slow maturation.
It is produced in thirty-two provinces of Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy, Piedmont, Trentino-Alto Adige and Veneto.
Grana Padano DOP is produced exclusively with raw milk, coming from the production area, partially decimated by natural surfacing, milked no more than twice a day from cows fed according to precise rules.
The natural graft whey is added to the milk in the boiler, it is then heated to a temperature of 31-33 ° C and added with calf rennet for coagulation. Finally the operators, with a wooden shovel and a “schiavino” sheet, lift it inside the boiler and cut it into two equal parts, the “twin shapes”. Each of them is wrapped in a linen cloth, extracted from the boiler and placed on the spreader. At this point, each new shape is enclosed in a “mold”, once made of wood and today made of suitable plastic material, held tightly and slightly pressed by a disc of the same material. After about 12 hours from the “putting into shape”, between the “mold” and the lateral part of the form (the barefoot), another plastic band is inserted, the marking mold, with the origin marks in relief: the four-leaf clover imprinted with the serial number of the dairy, the abbreviation of the province and the month and year of production, and the small dotted rhomboid lozenges which alternately report the words “GRANA” and “PADANO”. In addition, a casein plaque is applied to each shape, which will become part of the rind, with an identification code that allows its traceability.


The weight of the product can vary by 15% depending on the drying, they are artisanal and the seasoning or cut varies its weight

Weight 36000 g

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