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Friulian DOP cheese, originates in the Montasio plateau, between the Julian and Carnian Alps.
The first news of this cheese dates back to 1200, when the Benedictine monks began to work the milk of their cows in order to obtain a tasty and long-lasting cheese. The spread of Montasio cheese was quick and wide, so that its production area quickly expanded from Udine to all Friuli-Venezia Giulia, until reaching the Venetian provinces of Treviso, Venice, Belluno and the northern part of the province of Padua .
Montasio is a cooked and semi-hard cheese, whose flavor and characteristics vary according to the seasoning levels.
Seasoning levels are four:
Montasio fresco, with a seasoning ranging from 60 days to four months, has a soft and delicate dough.
Montasio Mezzano, with a maturation of four to ten months and a more decisive mixture.
Montasio Stagionato, aged for over ten months.
Montasio Stravecchio, seasoned for over eighteen months, with a tough mixture and a very decisive flavor.
It is sold in 7 kg form.
Its use is recommended to flavor the pasta and to accompany polenta and meat, especially if the cut is precious.





Frico is a tipical regional recipe, main course or second course

500 gr Montasio Mezzano
500 gr Potatoes
50 gr Extra virgin olive oil
200 gr Onion
Salt and black pepper to taste

Peel the onions and slice them smoothly with washers. Also peel the potatoes and grate them with a large holes grating. Grate Montasio.
In a large pan, pour 40 gr of oil and onion. Stir in a few minutes on a gentle fire stirring often with a wooden spoon to prevent the onion from sticking to the bottom of the pan or burning. Combine the grated potatoes and cook for 10 minutes. Add the grated Montasio cheese, salt and pepper as desired. Cook the fric for about 20 minutes in medium heat, stirring to dissolve the cheese completely.
Once the cooking is done and get a homogeneous dough, turn off the fire. In a non-stick bottom pan pour the remaining oil, heat it slightly and pour the amalgam of potatoes, onions and Montasio into the frying pan, trying to eliminate the excess fat.
Distribute and compact the fric in the frying pan and bake it high without stirring. Place the fric in the frying pan to make the cooking homogeneous.
Serve as soon as it is cooked.



The weight of the product can vary by 15% depending on the ageing, they are artisanal and the seasoning varies its weight

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