Italian mortadella is not a taboo!

August 20, 2020 0 Comments

What is there of better like snack of midnight of a sandwich with the mortadella?
With or without pistachio, mortadella has always been one of the cured meats preferred by the Italian,
there like children of all ages and even those grown up known as adults;
and even pregnant women can eat since it is
a meat that is cooked in a dry air heater.

Born in Bologna, but now widespread and produced in Italy, this meat is soft, sweet,
tasty, and is actually that takes just as a starter to amaze friends or family,
but above all to ward off those languorinos you have.
The history of the mortadella is very ancient, full of legende and mysteries, in fact once
it was thought that it was done with the meat of donkey, but as we know
it is produced with only meat of pork; it was born in the Middle Ages, thanks to the cook of court of Este, Cristoforo of Messibugo,
but in the time its production is changed and also the ingredients,
the only thing, however it has been intact it is its goodness.
It is a meat composed by meats carefully selected, that they are grinded,
to which they are added then the dice of fat and its spices that its unique
taste makes.

Today it goes ” of fashion” to look for the combining food – wine more proper to every dish,
and for the Mortadella besides of the yummy artisan beers can be combined some Italian wines
of good quality as Bonarda Overpò pavese or a Grignolino in Asti,
while if he/she is wanted to dare more you/they can be combined some Italian (to classical method)
sparkling wines, because they put in prominence the characteristic organolettiches of the Mortadella.

There are a lot of recipes that can be done with the mortadella since it is a very versatile food,
then it also depends obviously on the lappetite, that t is wanted to satisfy,
if exactly is wanted to make a snack a beautiful sandwich with mortadella, caprino and pesto it’s perfect;
toasting the bread the taste of the mortadella will be accented even more, and the freshness
of the basil leaves a light taste in mouth.
For the more “rustic” to try it is surely the mortadella to the irons, a beautiful slice coarsely cut,
crisp to the outside and soft to the inside, when toasted
it fats will loosen him and they will give even more taste to the dish, and as soon as it will be tasted
it a bite it will throw the other.
If you is wanted to travel with the food, whether not to do it with the mortadella?
With three simple ingredients you can be prepared some hosomakis of mortadella,
the procedure is easy, all it takes is taking a slice of mortadella to fill it with some cheese
spalmabile, to wind it and above to garnish it with some shelled pistachios.