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 Gorgonzola is a typical cheese from the Milan area.

It is said to have very ancient origins, even before the thousandth year.

It stands out from all other cheeses for its herbage. Herbage is a process that involves the addition of molds edible to the human being, which give that greenish brownish typical of this cheese, which characterizes its very particular flavor.

Initially called "green stracchino", its name has been changed to Gorgonzola from its home country. Gorgonzola, in fact.

It is a cheese protected by the DOP brand since 1996. Its production areas are Lombardy and Piedmont, in particular the provinces of Pavia, Milan and Novara.

Gorgonzola DOP is a raw pasta cheese that can be distinguished in two types:

sweet. Soft cheese, very creamy and with a strong taste.

Spicy. Half cheese cheese, seasoned longer and with a more imperious taste than sweet gorgonzola.




120 gr Gorgonzola sweet
100 gr Flour
1 dl Milk
2 Golden Apples
2 Eggs
Extravirgin olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

Peel the apples and remove the torch with the special tool, or with a thin blade knife, be careful not to break them. Cut them to half a inch thick washers.

Whisk the eggs until their consistency becomes soft and sparkling. Place the gorgonzola in a bowl and crush it with a fork, combining eggs at a time. Add 60 g of flour and mix until a smooth mixture is obtained. Put half a teaspoon of salt and little pepper. Finally dilute it all with milk.

Prepare a pan with 2 oil fingers and heat it over medium heat. When the oil is ready (ie when, dripping a piece of bread, this sizzle immediately without darkening), quickly pass an apple washer into the flour and then into the batter.

Dump the apple in the oil and quickly add three or four slices. Drain them when they are golden on both sides and lay them on absorbent paper. Continue until the apple slices are exhausted. Serve the hot, slightly salted pancakes.



The weight of the product can vary by 15% depending on the ageing, they are artisanal and the seasoning varies its weight

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