How to taste the Sopressa


How to taste the Sopressa

One of the most typical appetizers of the Venetian cuisine.

The most common in trattorias, the one that cannot miss on the tables, the Sopressa with its softness and sweetness goes well with polenta, which accompanies it and enhances the flavor of the salami.

The polenta can be either soft and freshly made or cut into rectangles and toasted.



Another successful marriage with the sopressa and polenta are the mushrooms or  with semi-aged cheese.

This typical salami of the Veneto region has a PDO in the province of Vicenza where a disciple controls its production.

The recipe is very simple:

Make the polenta with salted water and cornmeal, once ready distribute it on the plates and complete the dish with some slices of sopressa.

Enjoy your meal




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