Sopressa Veneta Dolce - That's why It's so Unique


Sopressa Veneta Dolce - That's why It's so Unique

The “sopressa veneta dolce” is a salami that must be considered a specialty itself, and it must not be confused with any other similar products. In Italy there are different interpretations of salami, but only that which is prepared in the Province of Vicenza, in Veneto Region, has the Protected Designation of Origin recognition.
The sopressa is prepared with the pork finest cuts and throat fat. The aromas that make sopressa taste unmistakable are only those of fresh meat, spices and salt. The typical softness of the meat and the creaminess are due to the homogeneous distribution of the fat part.


The processing of this Veneto salami has a long tradition and even today is the only one in the entire region with the Protected Designation of Origin recognition. Art history and gastronomy lovers noted that already in 1577 the painter Jacopo Da Ponte represented a similar salami.
The first documents of the Chamber of Commerce of Vicenza that refer to this salami date back to the mid-1800s.

The sopressa vicentina entered in the Protected Designation of Origin Register in 2003. Since then all the producers of the area who want to use the PDO brand must follow the strict production regulations.
The true sopressa can be prepared only with the meat of animals born and raised in the province of Vicenza. The animal nutrition, health and growth are strictly monitored. The meat used for the sopressa is that of the most prized parts, namely hams, coppa, shoulder, pancetta and throat fat. To the fresh meat can be added: salt, pepper, cinnamon, cloves and rosemary, garlic. The quantity of these flavorings, such as that of any sugars or potassium nitrate, is strictly established by the Disciplinary.
Once bagged, in natural casings with a minimum diameter of 8 cm, the sopressa are subjected to 12 hours of dripping and 4-5 days of drying. After this time it is seasoned for a period ranging from 60 to 120 days depending on the sopressa weight.


Nutritional values
The sopressa should be considered, like other cured meats, a food that should not be abused. According to the guidelines of SINU, the Italian Society of Human Nutrition, the portion for an adult is about 50 g, which generally correspond to 2-3 slices to be consumed no more than 2 times a week. This limit should also be calculated taking into account the other possible portions of red meat.



How to taste it
The sopressa is good with bread or with a slice of grilled polenta. It is a simple food still made today with first quality ingredients that have such a pleasant taste and consistency that they do not require any special preparation. A serving of polenta and sopressa and a rich side dish of raw seasonal vegetables is a complete meal that satisfies your eyes and palate!



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