Good morning, and welcome, on our TIPical ITalian Food Products blog.

If you've come here, it means you are looking for someone who sees, meets, meets dozens of dining activities every day and learns from all, so thank you for that.


We learn a lot from the winners, because with their success they can understand what mistakes should be avoided not only to stay afloat, but to live well; then we learn the focus, the passion, the curiosity, the way of offering and / or presentation, it is known that you mise en place because you have it in the kitchens ...

But we also learn from those in difficulty that, despite the abundance of examples - mentioned above - of advice from those who achieve success, insist on slamming their heads in the mistakes of ever, with the only result of finding themselves very uncomfortable not only in comparison with the competitors, but also and perhaps especially with the suppliers, with themselves, with their own family.

All of our luggage that allows us to operate with competence is not only from study, university teaching or marketing courses but more so from the continuous and constant collection of information that we receive and process daily: in a word, from that experience on the field that is, in our industry as in every other, the real winning weapon and in the kitchen as in many other fields of daily life, it never ends up apprehending.


MOre than fifteen years ago, our company began to market food products in the organic segment by meeting - and making contact with each other - producers, processors and traders, from the small shop behind the house to the most important large distribution facilities.


Later, by developing this first experience, the scope of action has expanded to the TIPico ITaliano DOP product, the leading strength and node of the national food and gourmet supply chain.


After more than six years, we have worked in partnership with a leader Milan Company specializing in the transformed raw materials sector.


Three different times, three different approaches to the same goal: to search among the many producers the best quality of each food to offer it to the customer, large distributor or small trader that is, and through it to the consumer citizen, who has now learned to choose the best.


But we were not content to grind thousands of miles, and a lot of experience in contacting reseller customers. In these years, in the evening, we wanted to work in some kitchens to better understand the workings, manipulations and transformations to appreciate the products they offered and sold by day.

The first step was taken in the classic takeaway pizzeria, which is the same as many people have at home, whose owner taught him with much passion and equanimity the practice of flour processing, base manipulation, stuffing, classic combinations and even kitchen variables, using in addition to classic ITaliani tomatoes creams, salads and sweets, to create different flavors and combinations.


For these reasons, we never have ever sold, and never sell, a product whose quality is not fully convinced; we will never propose a food we would not bring to our table for us and our families.

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