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The stockfish (or stockfish in some areas of central Italy and southern Italy) is the food consisting of northern cod (Gadus morhua) preserved by drying. The technique is however also suitable for other species of white meat fish.
The name could derive from the Norwegian stokkfisk or from the ancient Dutch stocvisch, that is "stick fish", according to others from the English stockfish, that is "storage fish" (stock, supply); still others maintain that the English term is borrowed from the ancient Dutch, with the same meaning of "stick fish".
In Sicily it is called stocco or stocco fish (piscistoccu) and is particularly linked to the cities of the Strait of Messina since the Normans (Messina and Reggio Calabria), remained in the tradition even after the disastrous earthquake of 1908 after the humanitarian aid of Norway on the strait .
Similar to the cod in appearance, the stockfish differs from the first, which is instead preserved by salting and is particularly common in Basilicata with the famous salted cod from Basilicata. In northern Italy (in particular in the area of Venetian domination), the stockfish takes on the name of bacalà, so much so that the famous cod alla vicentina is in fact prepared with the stockfish.

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